Arabic dance for schools

Are you looking for an interesting activity for your school's event? I can come to your school and teach an engaging and unusual workshop. Whether you have a single group that needs a full morning activity, or several groups for shorter lessons over the course of the day. My workshops are suitable for a number of school events including:
  • Dance festivals
  • Health days
  • World/cultural days
  • Enrichment
  • End of term celebrations

Adding value for students and OFSTED

Meeting the OFSTED requirement for multiculturalism can be challenging for some schools. Any workshop or dance lesson I teach includes a strong element of Middle Eastern music theory, dance history and references to Egyptian culture. With me your students are learning far more than dance steps.

Inclusive physical activity

Some of your students may be reluctant to take part in sports or dance because they are not drawn to it, or feel they are outside of the "norms" for successful sportspeople and dancers. The community and culture of western bellydance is a rarefied sanctuary from media-fueled body ideals. Bellydancers come in all shapes, sizes and genders, all are appreciated for the quality of their dance and self-expression. Your unconventional, and often hard to reach students, may relate well to this "alternative" activity.

Options for school dance workshops in Somerset and Nationwide

I am able to tailor the length and content of my workshops to suit your needs. A brief overview of the workshops I generally teach is available here.

Folkloric dance from upper Egypt. This is an energetic, unisex dance that is not generally recognisable as "bellydance". A playlist of saiidi dances and influences is here

Bellydance basics
A fun introduction to some of the classic moves in Raqs Sharqui.

If you have students with physical limitations, I can differentiate my lessons to suit them, or provide separate SEN classes.

Please contact me for an exemplar lesson plan.