Glastonbury hafla 2015

Summer bellydance party in Glastonbury - 26th July 2015

Summer 2015 is the biggest yet for Scarlet Lotus Dance! 

This year I am hosting TWO amazing teachers and an evening hafla so we can all get together and celebrate.

The venue is Abbey Moor Stadium, Glastonbury, which has ample parking, a licensed bar and is right opposite Isle of Avalon Caravan Park, for budget accommodation!

You can choose to attend individual workshops, or get a discount for all 3 - hafla entry is INCLUDED with the workshop ticket. If you just want to see the show, or have friends, family or fans who would like to come with you, hafla tickets are also available separately.
If you would prefer to pay for your tickets by cheque, cash or bank transfer, please let me know.

Kash Salem - "You leave me cold", Dark cabaret choreography

Learn a dangerously sassy choreography in Kash's signature Dark Cabaret style; a delicious melting pot of vintage bellydance and burlesque, flavoured with a touch of gin and arsenic.

This is an open level class, aimed at dancers with a strong grounding in the basic bellydance movements.

11.30 -13.30, Sunday 26th July.

Demelza Fox - Presence of the Priestess: Crafting stage presence through meditation and embodiment

Using meditation, body awareness and Goddess-embodiment techniques to craft an expansive, full stage presence. 

A workshop full of techniques to expand your stage presence, time to explore and experiment (play!) with the techniques, culminating in a short, slow, dark-fusion inspired dance combination.

13.45 - 15.45, Sunday 26th July

Samantha Riggs - Competition Bhangra

Bhangra is a folk dance style from the region of Punjab in Northern India. T

Competition Bhangra is an athletic and exuberant version of traditional Bhangra… which is already quite aerobic in itself! Samantha has studied this over-the-top style with Punjabi instructors and will break it down for you. Be ready for jumps, stomps, drops and fun with rocking Bhangra remixes! This class is suitable for both men and women at a beginning or intermediate level in Bhangra. 

Women should be sure and wear a sports or support bra. trousers are recommended. If you need knee or ankle support to do deep knee bends, please bring it (alternate moves will be available for those with knee issues). This class is quite a workout, but fear not! You're up to it – just challenge yourself 

1600 - 1800, Sunday 26th July