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The hafla promises to be a spectacular showcase of talent from near and far! I want to bring together bellydancers of different styles and abilities to inspire and support each other, whilst showcasing our art to guests who have little experience of it.

There will be a performance from our special guest, Gwen Booth, and our hostess, Kash Salem, along with groups and soloists, both amateur and professional.

For your shopping needs there will be a souk, involving vendors from local businesses as well as the fabulous Everything Egyptian, purveyors of the finest bellydance costuming and accessories. 

This is a community event, and all are welcome. I understand that parents often find it hard to make these events, or that one always has to miss seeing their partner to perform while they care for the children. The timing of this event will hopefully accommodate those who wish to bring their family to share their love of bellydance. There will be a small craft area to help keep children amused, and there is a small charge for children to cover this. All I ask is that you supervise your children, and ensure that the performances are not interrupted.

There is no "bring a plate" requirement for the hafla, light snacks will be available, however no contributions towards this will be turned away!

Doors open at 1pm, for early shopping, performances begin at 1.30. At 5pm we will move to our afterparty venue.

The afterparty will take place at La Terre on Glastonbury High St. Please contact me if you are interested in booking a table as we hope to have enough people to have reduced price menu deal. Pipes of Peace will be there to serve Shisha at the tables!

We have slots for both solo and group performances, if you, or your group, would like to perform, please email me kashsalem@gmail.com with the following info
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Whether you are a soloist, or group, and the size of your group.
  • Dance style and any props you intend to use.
  • The music you are using and its length (please make it under 6 minutes)
This will help me put together a running order that showcases everyone's dancing in the best way possible!