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Whether you are looking for a fun new pastime, an interesting way to keep active or have aspirations as a performer, regular bellydance classes are fun and rewarding. I teach regular weekly classes, or for those wishing to follow a more intense, structured programme, short courses focussing on specialist areas in bellydance.

If you would prefer specialist coaching, help with choreography or more intense tuition and feedback, I am also available for private tuition, parties or workshops, please contact me for details.

These are the class formats I am currently offering in Glastonbury and Bridgwater. Classes are open to willing participants of all genders aged over 14 years old. 

Bellydance - Fundamentals

This is a 10 week  course recommended for all beginners, dancers that are new to my teaching, or experienced dancers wanting to review and perfect their basic technique; does your camel wander? Are your isolations overflowing unchecked? Come along and tidy your dance up!
We will cover around 20 core movements that are central to the movement vocabulary of arabic dance, learning to dance consistently and safely. Gradually we build these movements into simple combinations and begin to use arm patterns and travelling.

Some students may wish to complete this course more than once before moving on, or return to it to consolidate their technique.

This course is currently running as a weekly class in Bridgwater. I also often offer it as a short course in Glastonbury.

A summary of the movements covered can be found here.

Bellydance - Concepts and Context

My current weekly class is based around my own teaching format, which I call "Concepts and Context". This format is being developed to provide fun and engaging lessons, while equipping you with the skillset to take your dance to whatever level and audience you choose.

The ethos behind this is to teach strong technique and musicality, within the artistic and expressive context of the dance. I want to make your "journey"  interesting and rewarding. Giving a taste of "real" dance every lesson.

Every lesson has a different focus, designed to bring awareness to a particular quality, emotion or performance skill. Expect some improvisation, some choreography, peppered with light music theory, facts about the dance, and useful tips about costume and props.

This is an open level class, beginners can come along and learn the basics, more experienced dancers will be challenged with further technique and the opportunity to explore nuances and expression.

This class will be running weekly on Tuesdays at The Gym, Chilton Polden, Bridgwater at 7pm.

Classes cost £5.

Yoga - Prenatal yoga

Yoga is highly beneficial during pregnancy and in preparation for birth. This is a relaxing class focussing on gently easing those pregnancy niggles and preparing you for a peaceful birth. There is more detailed information on my doula website.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring plenty of water. You may want an extra layer and a cushion for the relaxation portion of the class.

Yoga - Postnatal yoga

Babies are welcome at these postnatal classes, starting at 6 weeks postpartum. The classes are designed to gently restore your strength and fitness, ready to enter a regular yoga class.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring plenty of water. Bring a blanket that can be folded to lay your baby on.