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Bellydance classes in Bridgwater, Somerset

Looking for a fun new way to get fit and active in the New Year?

I am very excited to be reaching out to new dancers in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Classes are 7-8pm on Tuesdays, please arrive slightly beforehand to prepare for class. 

Our venue is at The Gym, in Chilton Polden, just outside Bridgwater, we are in The Studio.

Book your bellydance lessons here

You can also drop in for £5 a class, or buy a 5 lesson card for £25. The 5 lesson voucher is applicable across all my bellydance classes, should you wish to attend a mixture of sessions. Dancers who complete 10 sessions get the 11th free. 

Why not treat a friend or loved one and give the gift of an amazing, life changing hobby this festive season?

Dancers of all ages and genders are welcome. 

Please bring a water bottle, wear comfortable clothing you can move, and see your movements, in. No outdoor shoes are allowed in the dance studio, please wear dance shoes or dance barefoot.

Please contact me, or join my Facebook page for further information.

Learn the beautiful art of Raqs Sharqui

In this class we cover the basic movements that make up the foundations of classical Egyptian bellydance (and many other forms of bellydance) as well as looking at musicality, style nuance and the occasional prop!

Some classes involve dancing choreographed combinations, while others focus on improvisation skills.

Kash Salem bellydance performance in Somerset, to live drums by Doum Tekka