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Bellydance classes in Glastonbury

Weekly lessons with a skilled bellydance teacher and performer

If you are looking for a fun and lively start to your week, then why not come and join us in Glastonbury.

I teach an open level Concepts and Context class in Glastonbury every Monday morning at 11.30 in my own studio. It's a small class and the content is tailored to the dancers in any particular lesson. 

I also teach seasonal short courses in Glastonbury and weekly classes in Bridgwater.

Book your dance lesson discount today

This class is run on a drop-in basis, so feel free to just turn up and dance for £6, however you can get a discount on your class rates if you buy a 5 lesson voucher (valid over a 2 month period), in person, or online.

My classes are open to people of all ages and genders. When you come to class, make sure you wear comfortable clothes that you can move, and see your movements in. You can dance barefoot, or wear dance shoes like ballet pumps or jazz sneakers.

For more information, contact me or join my Facebook page.

Discover the artistry in Raqs Sharqui

Although I dance various fusion styles, my primary focus in teaching is Classical Oriental Dance and Egyptian folkloric dance.

In Concepts and Context I teach technique, musicality, culture, stagecraft and prop use.

Kash Salem dancing to drums by Doum Tekka in Somerset

Call today for more information 07827 336 814