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I'm Kash (aka Scarlet Lotus), I live near Glastonbury, teaching and performing in the Glastonbury, Street, Bridgwater, Somerton and Wells area.

I am first and foremost an Egyptian style dancer. My primary dance style is Classical Egyptian/Oriental style,  I also dance Egyptian Baladi, Shaabi and Saiidi. Learning these dances has been a wonderful journey and it is almost impossible to do so without also discovering the fascinating realms of Egyptian music, culture and history. 

I love fusion with dark, gothic and esoteric aesthetic and musical influences, but I like to keep my roots firmly buried in the Egyptian origins of the dance, and believe that good technique is the foundation of all bellydance styles. I perform with a range of traditional and more modern props, including veil, assaya, sagat and, my favourite prop, sword.

I also perform with fire, in fact I began fire dancing with poi and fans before I started belly dancing. Through all this I have developed my signature fusion style "Dark Cabaret" which is influenced by vintage bellydance, burlesque, jazz and film noir.

I took my first lesson in 2005 and started seriously training in Arabic dance in early 2007 with Michelle Moss. I fell in love with the dance and very quickly it became a central part of my life.  I trained quite intensively with Michelle and several other teachers, including regular advanced classes with Shona Hagan, workshops and festivals. In late 2007 I joined Michelle's troupe Juno, who I performed with for 3 years. In 2011 I completed the JWAAD foundation training for dance teachers (Safe delivery of Bellydance Classes). I am committed to the ongoing development of my dance, and continue to attend workshops and tuition with a number of inspirational teachers. I am on the JWAAD Personal Development Program, and I am an affiliate member of The JTA. 

I was one of the first dancers to complete Alexis Southall's Tribal Fusion Education Programme, and I have performed as part of The Juniper Project.

I danced through pregnancy with both of my children, and this, along with my training as a doula inspired me to begin teaching prenatal bellydance for fun, fitness and birth preparation. I have been practising yoga for around 12 years and it is a key element of my conditioning to dance . I have completed a diploma in perinatal yoga instruction, and teach both pre and postnatal yoga classes.

I have a degree in Anatomy with a strong emphasis on exercise physiology and the anatomy of muscles and joints, this has proven useful in both my dance and yoga teacher training; understanding the mechanics of technique both for aesthetics and safety. I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition certified coach.

If you would like to learn more about my latest adventures in dance, see my dance blog or Facebook page.