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Costuming and accessories

I also handpaint silk veils for bellydance, pre-painted and custom veils are available.

Shimmy belts

Ideal for class or practice. Silver coins on a chiffon base.

If you are taking a class with me and would like to collect your belt from me in person:

Frangipane hair clips

Silk flower mounted on ribbon decorated with rhinestones and beads, fix with a small steel clip.
These are all one offs. Clip n your hair, on your lapel or on your costume. Flowers are approx 5cm.

Feathered clips

Fitted with a small clip, put these in your hair, on your hatband or on your costume, approx 15cm long.



Mounted on a large hairclip/brooch pin, these are all handmade and unique. 10-15cm