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Professional bellydancer for events in Somerset and Bristol

I have been described as a passionate and quirky performer, with a warm, engaging stage presence. If you want a fabulous professional show, or fun and engaging entertainment to get your party going,  I am available to perform at all kinds of events including

  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding receptions
  • Corporate events
  • Stageshows and club nights
  • Themed restaurant nights
  • Hen parties and baby showers
  • Festivals and cultural fairs

Private parties,  Public performances or Club and restaurant appearances.

Fun entertainment for your party

If you are planning a hen party, baby shower or similar private party, I can combine a performance with a short lesson for your guests in a fun-packed hour at your home or party venue. 
Shimmy belts are available for guests to borrow, and a gift pack will be provided for the guest of honour.

Add impact with fire performance

I can also perform with fire, providing an appropriate performance space is available. There is an additional liability premium for fire performance.

Great entertainment for family parties

Performances are always family-friendly and I am afraid I am unable to accept invitations to perform at stag parties or all-male events.

Charity events and fundraisers

Charity concessions are available if you wish me to perform at a charity event, please get in touch to discuss details.

Tailored dance performances to suit your festival, expo or theme night.

I can perform in a range of styles to suit your event:

  • Raqs Sharqui, Golden-Age Oriental - Echoing back to the grace and glamour of mid-twentieth century Egyptian cinema, this classy style looks great on stage or at a large evening event. I often dance this style with my handmade silk veils.
  • Shaabi and modern baladi - Great for a funky party mood, these joyful, sassy styles performed to Arabic pop music are great fun and fabulous for getting the audience up and dancing too. 
  • Folkloric - saiidi  with a stick, or earthy baladi, these styles are traditional and give an authentic look to cultural  or folk events.
  • Dark fusion - An edgy contemporary style with a cabaret flavour. Serpentine, dramatic, creepy and compelling.