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Public performances

Professional dance performances for public events, concerts and festivals in the South West

Looking for an interesting and engaging performer for a large public event? I have experience dancing for a wide range of audiences in all sorts of venues, from restaurants and clubs to festival stages and carnivals.

Call me and let me know what I can do for your event.

Cultural and World Arts festivals and conventions.

If you are looking for a Middle Eastern atmosphere for a multicultural event, I am able to perform on stage, or in a restaurant style in dining or shisha areas. I can perform folkloric styles from Egypt, Turkey and the Gulf regions, or raqs sharqui.

I am also able to teach introductory workshops for your guests to attend.

Clubs and convention entertainment - Alternative events.

Are you looking for a stage performer for a nightclub event or tattoo convention. My distinctive Dark Fusion or Dark Cabaret styles offer the perfect mood and aesthetic for a tattoo convention, goth night or burlesque line-up.

Concerts and band support.

Whether you are a Middle Eastern/North African/Mediterranean band catering to bellydance, or another style who appreciates a Middle Eastern or Tribal fusion aesthetic. I am available to dance on stage, or as interval entertainment for your gig. As well as Middle Eastern music I often dance to rock, electronica, goth, psychobilly and dubstep, I'm always open to other suggestions!

I am also able to perform for music videos. You can see an example in this video from Cauda Pavonis in Bristol (fire fans with gothic music).

Fire dance performance 

If you are looking for real wow factor, especially after dark, I can perform with fire props (such as fans or poi)

This is dependent on a safe performance area being available. An extra premium is payable to cover public liability insurance if your event cover does not already include insurance for fire performance.