Short Courses

Beginning in 2014, I am offering a range of short courses in bellydance.

If you are interested in more intensive tuition with a specialised focus and objectives that span several hours worth of dance, these short courses will enable you to dip into the dance training you need, with a short-term commitment and measurable progress.

Please use the navigation bar to the left to select the course you are interested in.

Some of these are focused on a specific areas in the dance, be it a style, technique or choreography to perform. These classes are structured with a clear progression, and you will be given the means to monitor and record your own progress. It is most beneficial for dancers to attend the whole course so, unlike my weekly classes where students may drop in at any point, these are booked in advance. I believe the commitment to a full block of dance sessions reaps the greatest rewards for my students.

Bellydance Courses available in 2014 include: