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Dark Fusion basics

Gothic Bellydance course in Glastonbury 2014

6 weeks from Tuesday 21st October in the Goddess Hall.

Would you like to explore a whole new side of bellydance?

Dark Fusion, or Gothic Bellydance takes the mood and aesthetics of Alternative culture and applies it to bellydance.

In this course of 6, 90 minute sessions, we will look at style, costuming, makeup, music and of course dance technique. Dancers will be encouraged to harness their own creativity and be supported in creating their own short performance, making the most of their individual strengths.

We will be exploring:

  • Theatrical (gothic) bellydance
  • Dark Cabaret (with a burlesque influence)
  • Psychobilly
Mostly however, this course will be driven by you, and will evolve according to your preferences and inspiration.

Tribal fusion for beginners.

Are you interested in learning to dance the beautiful Tribal Fusion style? Whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced dancer wanting to explore this style, Tribal Fusion Fundamentals is a 6 week course that covers all the basics.

The Fundamentals sessions that run alongside Shadow Shimmies will be focussing on Tribal Fusion technique, rather than classic Raqs Sharqui. We will look at some of the root ATS steps and focus on Tribal stylisation.

Complete beginners who book Fundamentals, will be able to take Shadow Shimmies alongside.

Book your bellydance class today

I am offering the following options on this course, beginning on Tuesday 21st October at the Goddess Hall, Benedict st, Glastonbury:

Shadow shimmies, 6 weeks of 90 minute Dark Fusion lessons. £50 or £40 if you book before 21st September.
Shadow shimmies and Fundamentals, for those who wish to add extra focus on technique, 1 hour drills and technique followed by 90 minutes Dark fusion, 6 sessions £60
Fundamentals only £30 - This Fundamentals session will focus more on Tribal Fusion technique to complement the Dark Fusion course.

There is no "official" technique for Dark Fusion, although several dance schools have their own format, it is more an overlay that can be applied to a variety of styles of bellydance.  The dance may be theatrical, use music from alternative genres, or fusion music by artists using middle eastern influences, the costuming and staging is likely to fit a darker aesthetic. Many Dark Fusion performers have their roots in Tribal Fusion style bellydance, although others base their dance on classical Arabic performance. The key is originality, creativity, artistry and entertainment.

I completed Bex Priest's Ghoul School intensive for Dark Fusion teachers in August 2013.