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This is a 6-10 hour  course recommended for all beginners, dancers that are new to my teaching, or experienced dancers wanting to review and perfect their basic technique; does your camel wander? Are your isolations overflowing unchecked? Come along and tidy your dance up!

We will cover around 20 core movements that are central to the movement vocabulary of arabic dance, learning to dance consistently and safely. 

This course will sometimes run alongside another course, and dancers are welcome to attend both, for a discounted fee. If you are completely new to bellydance, it is best that you complete this course before joining another. Some students may wish to complete this course more than once before moving on, or return to it to consolidate their technique. It is possible for a committed student, who is prepared to put in practice time between sessions, to learn the basics alongside one of my other courses, however they should be aware that it is likely that movements will be encountered in the higher level course before they have been covered in Fundamentals.

A summary of the movements covered can be found here.

There are currently no Fundamentals short courses confirmed, however my weekly Bridgewater class is based on this format.